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One easy integration to let users share their data from all their applications to yours

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The simple way for users to share their data with applications


Work & Experience

Shopping History

Location History

Likes & Interests

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The API asks users to link their social accounts. That triggers a simple front-end module to grab your data.


Users can output their data from our dashboard to be used easily. It’s simple and understandable.


End-users can start sharing their data by easily signing in and giving consent.

Let users access their data, unlock possibilities

"Leveraging Fathom’s amazing software we were able to generate leads to close our fundraising round in under a month!'

Aram Barnett, CEO of GravityGaming

"I’ve been looking for a solution to aggregate my contacts forever, and Fathom solved for it."

Matt McGraw, General Partner at Ark VC

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